What Luxury Is All About – Considering The Best SUV 2014 Brings

It’s a status symbol.  Sought after by those who have the financial capacity to buy it.  An SUV vehicle, a vehicle that can take in its stride driving along rough roads, and in the city.  A vehicle that is spacious enough to travel in, dexterous enough to take every difficult turn.  Sporty in appearance.  A vehicle that meets the highest levels of safety standards.  The best SUV 2014 vehicles roll out from the ramps of Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagon, Cadillac, Ford, and Toyota.

SUV is not a ‘latest’ invention vehicle.  It has been around for ages.  The first and most popular SUV was the Willys Jeep.  Modern day SUV’s have come a long way since Willys Jeeps hit the road.  Sleeker in looks, loaded with modern technology, more comfortable. Of course, a price you would have to think seriously about.  These days, SUV’s are much in demand, especially by large families, where parents need to escort their children around – to school, tuitions, sports, and other activities.  Also for family outings and social gatherings.  Companies use SUVs to transport their products.

Volvo XC90 and Audi Q7

Travel companies use SUVs to take visitors/tourists around the town, as also for touring other cities.  With a seating capacity of 6-8 people, the SUV has proved its all-purpose advantages.  In the 1990’s it became evident to people that owning an SUV would answer many of their needs. So car manufacturers like Land Rover, Chevrolet, and Ford quickly put their vehicle designers on the job.  Besides its larger seating capacity, and spacious interiors, the SUV is built with stronger tyres, and stronger engines.  It also has the capacity to carry heavier loads.  Mercedes-Benz has a luxury model called the Mercedes-Benz GL.  Cadillac has manufactured the Escalade.  Another luxury model is the Infiniti QX56.  All streamline vehicles which combine asthetic looks, inner luxury, and include other normal SUV features.  A few more down-to-earth models are the Toyota FJ Cruisers, the Ford Explorer, and the Jeep Liberty.  For buyers looking more at budget-running of their vehicles, lower fuel consumption would be a boon.  In this category, SUVs like the Audi Q5, Honda Element, and Mazda Tribute, would be ideal.

2013 Geneva Motor Show - Best SUV

Since the SUV does not come cheap, a lot is expected of the vehicle.  Its safety standards above all, need to be of the highest order – more than any other vehicle on the road.  Since the vehicle is often required to travel over rough terrain, the engine running needs to be smooth and effortless.  Comfortable and spacious interiors are a must.  The best SUV 2014 needs to live upto its reputation as a strong, durable, all-safety, comfortable, stylish, all-purpose vehicle.  Its current popularity has the SUV now being targeted by celebrities, making it a status symbol.


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