Toyota RAV4 Review

If you are in the market for a brand new family car you should look no further than the Toyota RAV 4. Part of Toyota’s quality lineup of vehicles, the RAV 4 is your best bet for an economical, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing hybrid SUV. The great thing about the RAV 4 is that it incorporates the best of both worlds; the power and size of a hybrid SUV with the amenities of a midsize family car. It has the style and looks of a luxury SUV with the power of a larger pickup.

The RAV 4 comes equipped with a spacious roomy interior, a multifunctional center console, and plenty of cargo space for long road trips and trips around the city. The detail and craftsmanship of its interior rival that of a luxury SUV.

Toyota Rav4 Sport

The RAV 4 is equipped with a plethora of safety features including six front and side airbags, on demand all wheel drive, and Toyota’s five star safety system. The automaker is committed to complete customer satisfaction and allows you to build a customized vehicle that matches your personality and needs. The RAV 4 comes equipped with top of the line features however, there are a variety of add on options and features to match a customer’s interest.

When compared with other SUV makes and models, the RAV 4 is truly in a league of its own. Its closest competitor, the Honda CR-V comes at a slightly higher price point yet provides less interior leg room. The RAV 4 seats up to seven passengers with the CR-V seating up to five. As far mileage is concerned, both vehicles are comparable, getting about 26-30 miles per gallon. These vehicles have similar torque, power, and ability to haul large loads with relative ease.

When deciding between the RAV 4 and the CR-V, it ultimately comes down to brand loyalty. Some buyers are partial to the RAV 4 and consider it the best SUV, while others prefer the CR-V.

When comparing the RAV 4 against the Subaru Forrester, the RAV 4 edges out the Subaru in the areas of interior space (RAV 4 offers third row seating) and on the road handling. The Subaru offers all wheel drive at the base trim level and is priced competitively. From an aesthetic perspective, the RAV 4 and CR-V offer a more plush interior with the Subaru being a little more rough around the edges. For the active and outdoors type, the Subaru offers an overall rugged and functional design making it ideal for hiking and camping trips. When it comes to power, the RAV 4 offers a V6 engine which gives it an edge over the competition.

All things considered, many families opt for the RAV 4 as it is the best SUV with the best options, at the best value. Toyota makes quality vehicles that pack a large punch. Visit your local dealership or visit the auto maker online to build your dream family car. You won’t be disappointed with your decision.

photos by: robad0b & Dougtone